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Rich Perceptions

The COMPLETE Alexander Adventures—10% OFF!

The COMPLETE Alexander Adventures—10% OFF!


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Enjoy Alexander's ENTIRE journey from a scared a confident (and sometimes OVER confident) teenager.

This bundle includes three books:

Alexander Adventures Part 1: My Life at the Bottom of the Food Chain: Alexander is filled with fear about all the disasters that might be just around the corner. He's convinced that bullies are out to get him and goes to hilarious lengths to avoid trouble.  But it's all in his imagination—and things are getting way out of hand.

Alexander Adventures Part 2: Own the Scrawny: Alexander decides he has to change his entire image. But Alexander can't do anything halfway, and he once again causes havoc everywhere around him.

Alexander Adventures Part 2: My Epic Life: For far too long, Alexander's been the smallest, squeakiest boy in Wickshire Middle School. Now, he actually might be growing out of his clothes, and his voice might be changing...and he's having a real hard time believing any of it!


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