About Rich Samuels

I’ve been asked more than once if Alexander or SoupChad are anything like me. Like more writers, the answer is…kinda.

Just like Alexander, I was prone to seeing middle school as far more dangerous than it actually was, and yes, I even was a bit scared cautious of bullies that didn’t really exist. And like SoupChad, I was prone to go after my obsessions without restraint (though I was into filmmaking, not soup).

But very much like Alexander and SoupChad, I had a great group of friends. After fifth grade, when my family moved out to California from New York, I started making science fiction and horror movies with my new best friend David, and then with even more friends in 7th grade. We didn’t always finish what we started, but we had a great time trying!

Over time, I realized that what I liked even more than the filmmaking was the idea of taking my friends along on an adventure. I loved the idea that I created something that brought my friends together. Even if my dream of the week wasn’t likely to see the light of day, for that moment, it was a great ride. That’s my home for readers of my Wickshire Middle School books. Wickshire, by the way, is a tribute to my long-gone elementary school in New Hyde Park, New York—where my adventures began.


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