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Rich Perceptions




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Chad loves soup—he’s obsessed with it—in fact, it’s the only thing he’ll eat. At first, his new friends at Wickshire Middle School think he’s a little strange, but when he starts Soup Club, it becomes a sensation, with members proudly sporting soup-inspired nicknames like Noodle, Chowder, and Matzo Ball. But SoupChad takes his fame a bit too far when he starts bullying kids who choose to like salad.

And so begins the great Wickshire School Soup versus Salad War!

Featuring 11 hilarious illustrations by Sam Rapp and engaging, relatable characters, SoupChad is for anyone who loves a fun story about growth, friendship, and finding one's place in the world, whether they like soup, salad—or even sandwiches!

Great for all ages!

 88 Pages


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