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Rich Perceptions




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“SoupChad” is an engaging, illustrated story about acceptance and celebrating differences. Chad is a middle school boy who has a passion for soup and an intolerance for those who prefer salad. His Soup Club is a sensation, with members sporting soup-inspired nicknames like Noodle and Chowder. However, things take a turn when SoupChad becomes fixated on converting all the salad-eating kids in his school to his way of thinking.

Featuring delightful illustrations and a heartwarming message, SoupChad is for anyone who loves a good story about growth, friendship, and finding one's place in the world.

Author's Note:  

'SoupChad' uses humor and allegory to demonstrate the value of learning to accept differences. Tolerance sometimes seems to be a difficult subject to address in a world where intolerance is almost normalized. I'm hoping SoupChad can be helpful in fighting against that.

 88 Pages

Great for kids 9-13

Featuring 11 illustrations by artist Sam Rapp

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