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Rich Perceptions

Alexander Adventures, Part 2

Alexander Adventures, Part 2


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What if you were internet famous—but for all the wrong reasons?

In Own the Scrawny, Part Two of Alexander Adventures, Alexander isn’t just being laughed at by every kid at Wickshire Middle School, but it seems like the entire world is getting in on the act.

Alexander didn't want to be on the wrong side or a viral video. He didn't plan to embarrass himself in front of the entire internet. It just happened, and now people he doesn’t even know are calling him a loser, a mutant, and a moron.

Should he change the way he looks? Change the way he acts? Alexander is sure of only one thing: he's got to do something to prove them all wrong—something bigger than a viral video— and maybe a little crazy.

But the harder Alexander tries to change who he is, the more everyone laughs (and not the good kind of laugh, either).

If you like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, or Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life, you’ll love Own the Scrawny. Catch up with Alexander and how one boy who still thinks he has everything figured out never seems to get it right.

Great for kids 9-13

129 Pages

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