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Rich Perceptions

Alexander Adventures, Part 3

Alexander Adventures, Part 3


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Sometimes, you’ve just got to let your monkey out.

In My Epic Life, the hilarious conclusion to the Alexander Adventures trilogy, Alexander finds the key to living his most epic life is being just as weird and quirky as he's always been.

Tired of feeling weird and out of place, even with his friends, Alexander discovers that being different isn't something he needs to run away from—it’s actually his secret weapon. When he helps Colin face down boys who want nothing more than an unfair fight, he decides to put his power to the test.

But can the same boy everyone laughed at and called Commando Monkey actually win just by being himself?

If you like Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life, you’ll love My Epic Life. Catch up with Alexander and how one boy who still thinks he has everything figured out never seems to get it right.

Great for kids 9-13

121 Pages

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